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Johnson Appraisal Group is fully Certified to Appraise your commercial or residential real estate. With all the required certifications in multiple states not only is Johnson Appraisal Group Certified but we also have years of experience providing you with the best real estate appraisal knowledge. We work hard to get your property appraised at the correct value and ensure it is done in a timely manner. If you are looking for a real estate appraisal in Casa Grande AZ we are the right people for the job!

About Real Estate Appraisals

The real estate appraisal process is a method of discovering the market value of a piece of residential or commercial real estate. The value arrived at in an official appraisal report represents the opinion of a licensed professional real estate appraiser. A real estate appraiser may rely upon three different “approaches” to establishing the market value of a piece of property. These approaches include an analysis of the comparable sales (“market data approach”), the cost of reproducing the subject property, and the projected rental income of the subject property if offered for rent. An appraiser may apply equal or unequal weight to each of the above valuation approaches.
Real estate appraisals are used mostly by mortgage lending institutions to establish the value of a property to be used as collateral for a proposed loan. Homeowners may hire an appraiser in an effort to appeal property taxes or to petition a lender to cancel Private Mortgage Insurance. Insurance companies may also use appraisals for policy underwriting purposes.

Commonly Asked Questions – Real Estate Appraisal

A real estate appraisal is a proficient appraiser’s judgment of worth.
Below are commonly asked questions about real estate appraisals.

What is the responsibility of the appraiser?
The responsibility of the appraiser is to offer impartial views about the worth of real property.
What credentials must appraisers have?
All states demand that appraisers be state licensed to offer appraisals to federally controlled creditors.
What does an appraisal look like?
Most appraisals are described in script, though in some situations, an appraiser might deliver an oral appraisal.
A written appraisal statement usually entails:

  • An account of the land and its location
  • An assessment of the uppermost utilization of the property
  • An exploration of transactions of similar properties
  • Facts concerning existing real estate activity and/or market area inclinations

What are the most vital concerns in the estimate of real estate?

  • The worth specified by current sales of similar properties
  • The current price of replicating or supplanting a structure
  • The worth that the property’s net earning power will aid

What amenities do real estate appraisers offer?
Along with residential/commercial appraisals, contingent on an appraiser’s description and credentials – they can offer/help with some or all of the succeeding:

  • Estate preparation and estate expenditures
  • Tax valuation assessment and guidance
  • Information in important domain and censure property dealings
  • Dispute resolve – containing divorce, estate expenditures, property division suits, foreclosures, and zoning matters
  • Viability reviews
  • Expert witness authentication
  • Market rent and inclination reports
  • Price/advantage or asset inquiry
  • Land use analyses
  • Supply and demand reviews

When hiring an appraiser, what kinds of questions should I ask?

  • What qualified descriptions do you hold and from whom?
  • Are you registered or qualified in the state that you reside in?
  • How long have you been an appraiser?
  • What level of knowledge do you hold in this specific market and with this kind of property?
  • Are you acquainted with property in this area?
  • What kinds of clients have you experienced?

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