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Chuck JohnsonJohnson Appraisal Group is fully Certified by the NACVA (The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts) as a Certified Valuation Analyst. This Certification requires candidates to Successfully demonstrate that applicant meets NACVA’s “Experience Threshold” by completing a sample Case Study. Johnson Appraisal Group is not only certified as business valuators but we have the experience to back it up. We offer business valuations, commercial appraisal, mineral rights valuations and water rights valuations around the World! If your business needs a valuation, we are the right choice for you!

About Business Valuations

Business Appraisal

When a business valuation is performed, professional business valuators or certified public accountants will examine a company’s financial documents to determine the value of the business. The type of business valuation depends on the reason for it. Sometimes a valuation is performed to determine the fair market value of a business for purposes of its sale and purchase. At other times it might be performed to learn the investment value of a business should a large investor be involved. Each type of business valuations casa grande AZ involves different valuation methods.
Other purposes of business valuations include disputes or future planning. Examples of disputes would include owner conflict, buyouts, or divorce. Future planning involves determining the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and external strengths, to prepare and invest in future growth of the company.

Business Valuation Experience

  • Adult Care Facility
    Adult Home Care
    Automobile Broker
    Automobile Parts Distribution
    Automobile Repair
    Beer/Wine Bar
    Boat & Motor Dealer
    Breakfast/Lunch Restaurant
    Car Wash
    Cement Contractor
    Chemical Mfg./Distribution
    Children’s Activity Center
    Child Care Center
    Chiropractic Practice
    Chiropractic Clinic
    Cleaning Products Mfg.
    Coated Metal Products Mfg.
    Commercial Cleaning
    Commercial Printing
    Computer Consulting
    Computer Software
    Concrete Contractor
    Cosmetic Laser
    Courier Service Store
    Day Care Center
    Dental Laboratory
  • Dental Practice
    Drive Thru-Fast Food
    Educational Products/Svcs. Office Supplies Mfg.
    Elderly Home Care
    Electrical Contractor Online Financial Services
    Embroidery & Screen
    Envelope Imprinting
    Entertainment/Modeling Agency
    Farm Equipment Mfg.
    Finance Company
    Flooring – Retail
    Flooring – Wholesale
    Freight Forwarding
    Freight Forwarding
    Furniture Manufacturing
    Gas Station/Conv. Store
    Golf Course
    Hair Salon (Chain
    Health Club/Spa
    Human Resources Consulting
    Hydraulic Systs. Sales/Repair
    Internet Service Provider
    Legal Services
    Medical Practice
    Medical Equipment Sales
    Medical Instrument Repair
    Metal Recycling
    Modeling Agency
    Mortgage Broker
  • Moving & Storage
    Online store
    Pizza Franchise
    Pool Chemical Delivery
    Printing Packaging Equipment Mfg.
    Pub/Full Liquor
    Real Estate Broker
    Recreational Rentals
    Recycling Business
    Rubber Stamp Mfg.
    Satellite Installation
    Service Station
    Sheet Metal Manufacturing
    Special Effects (Films)
    Specialty Products Mfg./Sales
    Sporting Goods Retail
    Stone Products Mfg.
    Stone Products Installation
    Temporary Staffing
    Tax Preparation
    Travel Agency
    Touring Company
    Veterinary Clinic
    Vitamin/Natural Foods Store

Business Valuations- Quick Tips to Evaluation

Business Valuations – Quick Tips to Evaluation
Business Valuations are essential to understanding the overall value of real business property, assets, and working capital. Business Valuations help maintain industry status and are a good method of business identification among Fortune 500 companies. There are several commonly asked questions regarding business valuations. These include:
. Total value of annual accounts receivable
. Value of assets and depreciation
. Value of real property, business investments, and stocks
Determine Annual Accounts Receivable
Accounting for the amount of revenue that is returned to the business by client purchases of goods or services is the first most commonly asked question about a business. If a business is to be sold, it is the receivable accounts that determine the annual incoming revenue potential.
Venture capitalists and buyers of businesses ask to see documentation that proves the amount of month-to-month business revenue. Profits are determined after all expenses are paid. The receivables documentation should be accompanied by the impact of expenses directly related to providing goods or services. This documentation is known as a “balance sheet”.
Value of Assets and Depreciation
The proprietor of a business can prepare a list of business assets that have accrued over the life of the business. However, certain assets are subject to depreciation. Assets fall into several categories:
. Current
. Intangible
. Plant
Current assets include those to which current creditors may look for payment; this may be cash or assets expected to be consumed annually. Intangible assets have no physical nature and are derived from rights conferred upon the proprietor such as goodwill, trademarks, and patents. Plant assets include land, buildings, and equipment. Depreciation occurs on buildings and equipment as a result of aging.
Value of real property and Investments
The real property and investments of the business enhance a business valuation by increasing the financial picture of the business.

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